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Sample Associate Contract Veterinary Associate Employment Agreement This agreement is made this Day day of Month and Year between Hospital Name hereinafter called the hospital or owners and associate name hereinafter called the associate. The parties hereto have discussed what amount would be equitable and fair on liquidated damages and have mutually agreed that a sum equal to two years base salary shall be the amount of liquidated damages that the associate would be liable to the employer...
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Each employee (hereinafter called associate) is the direct and sole authority under which a medical staff member performs any of the following duties: performs such medical procedures of diagnostic, surgical or other nature; prepares, disposes of animal or human remains; provides care to sick animals or persons; prepares, stores or transports animal or human remains; prepares, dispenses, dispenses by inhalation, administration or injection substances directly to the individual or person who needs treatment; make diagnoses, prognosis or treats illness; Maintain records of all patient or animal care procedures; prepares, dispenses or has in the possession or control any medical device, drugs or other similar devices used directly on animals or persons; prepares, dispenses or has in the possession or control any other personal protective equipment for the treatment of human or animal cases or injuries. The foregoing will be applicable to the patient and/or the animals. Compensation. All compensation received by an associate as provided in terms of this Agreement is for work performed under strict and accurate supervision under proper supervision by a qualified doctor or veterinarian (hereinafter called qualified doctor/physician) who shall possess the legal authority granted by law or any contract to act as an animal medical officer for the hospital concerned. The work will not be subject to any of the limitations listed below (see attached Schedule-a-Part A). Any compensation received by an associate will be paid directly to the qualified medical officer at the time of receiving the money, and the amount will be deducted from the associate's salary and credited to such physician or physician's employer. No person shall receive anything of value whatsoever by reason of his agreement with, or association with, any qualified doctor/physician or the hospital or any other hospital located in this state, whether such association or other arrangement shall be made pursuant to a written or oral contract, oral agreement, trust or otherwise, except as provided herein. Hours of Work. The employee will be expected to work as much as possible within the stated hours as specified by the hospital. Any additional hours of work that must be worked upon completion of established work times must be done during the usual hours employed, as listed in the Schedule-a-Part A. If any employee becomes physically unfit or ill, or is absent from work without permission and is not entitled to leave, the hospital may terminate their employment within sixty (60) days after finding the condition is permanent.
Document 2: Original signed Associate Contract (1-page copy with signature page) Signed by the parties, or a person authorized... Reference must be made to the “Associate's Agreement for the Health Care and Well-Being of the Associate's Family and Personal Caretakers” available at Statement By The Associate The parties have discussed the possibility of the associate's estate becoming incapacitated from an injury sustained during his or her employment with the associate. Should the associate in his/her employ ever be found to be incapacitated from an injury sustained in his/her employment the associate's estate shall be provided with sufficient financial assistance and treatment as is reasonably necessary to bring the... Reference must be made to the “Associates' Incompatibility and In adherence to Health Care Services Act” available at This agreement is made on 1st Day of Month and Year 2017 and must... Reference must be made to this document: Signed by the parties or an alternate authorized person (or both).
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